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From preflight to plating, CJK offers a dynamic proofing process that ensures quality and accuracy of reproduction.

Files can be submitted to us on hard media (DVD, flash drives), via FTP (CJK's, client's or a third-party site) or via InSite. The InSite web-based system provides near-instant preflighting of each submitted PDF page, with pre-RIP soft proofs available online for review within seconds.

And speaking of proofs, there are many other proofing options. We can create PDFs directly from our RIP system that will reflect trapping, and upload it to the FTP site of choice. We can output full-color digital dyluxes, trimmed and folded into book format, for those who prefer a hard-copy to thumb through. For color-critical pages, we also offer color-match proofs that have been digitally curved to match what will print on our presses.

Our quality commitment also continues to plating. Our computer-to-plate system utilizes Fuji's Co-res screening which allows us to produce line screens up to 175 lpi (depending on the press and stock used), resulting in smoother flesh tones, tints and gradations.

Of course, each project has its own unique challenges. For those who are unsure which proofing path would work best, or are in need of additional services not listed here (scanning, typesetting, designing, color correcting), please contact us so we can offer tailored solutions.